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Billy Twang Punch Rub

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Pow – Smack – Punch! Punch Rub packs a mighty flavor-wallop. Billy loves Punch Rub on chicken breast, pork tenderloin and chops, salads and vegetables. Hey, mix Punch Rub into your ground beef for a killer burger. A grand departure, and nothinÕ short of amazing. Billy challenges you to try a jar.Billy Twang¨ Punch Rub is proudly Made in America and is a fun way to change the flavor profile of chicken, fish, vegetables, and salads. A tasty, flaky, earthy blend of desert spices that provide a distinctive flavor. Expect depth, richness, and warmth. We’ve perfected Punch Rub with the perfect blend of:Fluer de Sel de GurandeTellicherry PepperMinced Roasted GarilcRed Chili FlakesChipotle FlakesMexican OreganoCilantro Flakes