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Bein Harim Tours is a licensed Israeli government-owned tourism company with 40+ years of experience in the field.

We offer guided tours in Israel and beyond, departing from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, including hotel or apartment accommodations, optional day trips to areas of Jewish interest, visits to places of historical importance from all periods of Jewish history and more.We work closely with Israeli tour operators as well as international partners who specialize in various fields – such as sports, adventure travel, young archaeologists, historians and rabbis. We promise you’ll have an enjoyable time and get the most out of Israel!It all started when I was walking home one dark night after finishing my military service. I saw a group of foreign travelers who seemed to be lost and helpless so I offered them directions to the nearest hotel. When they told me they were looking for directions to the Bein Harim tours office my heart skipped a beat – that was my father’s company!

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Bein Harim Tours

Israel Tours – Low Prices Guaranteed

Bein Harim offers a wide range of various activities: Bethlehem Tours, Dead Sea Tours, exploring the Desert, Galilee & Golan Tours, religious tours, traditional Jewish tours, Petra and Jordan Tours and much more. Bein Harim Tours takes care of all your needs with competence and dedication.

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Daily Tours, Tour Packages, Private Tours, Airport Transfers & Much More.

The perfect Israel tour
With over 30 years of experience, Bein Harim Tours is the leading Israeli tour operator. Find your perfect Israel tour with us!

Authentic experience
Bein Harim Tours offers authentic, family-focused tours of Israel to ensure that your visit is a memorable one.

Visit the Holy Land
Bein Harim Tours is proud to offer you a vast variety of tours and itineraries throughout Israel. With over 40 years of experience, we’re confident that your tour with us will be informative and unforgettable.

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August 2nd 2022

Book your tour to Israel at Bein Harim and make the most of your time in the Holy Land!

Bein Harim is a tour operator in Israel, with offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. We offer curated tours for individuals or groups who wish to explore the country’s attractions, from culinary to…

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August 2nd 2022

Book Your Tour To Israel Today

Israel is a country with diverse landscapes, unique culture and a wide range of cultural and religious sites. Bein Harim (meaning “My Israel”) offers guided tours through Israel that explore its natur…

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August 2nd 2022

Book Your Tour To Israel With Bein Harim To Make The Most Of Your Time In The Holy Land

Step on your Holy Land tour with Bein Harim today and experience the wonders of the country. With guided tours in Israel, we provide you with great access to some of the most exciting sites.

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